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"Scientific and Production Enterprise "BIOSFERA" LLC is an innovative company with a 20-year history, a manufacturer and developer of biological preparations for crop production, animal husbandry, beekeeping. Highly qualified specialists of our team are engaged in the development and implementation of effective biological preparations for the agro-industrial sector. Taking care of the health of plants and animals , we care about people's health Our experts provide turnkey agricultural support for agricultural enterprises and agricultural holdings.

  • Development and production of unique biological preparations (fungicides and insecticides), biofertilizers, inoculants, destructors, composters
  • Development of biotechnologies for the use of drugs
  • Implementation of schemes for the use of bioprotective agents and full support of agricultural enterprises
  • Development of fertilizers and application technologies for the protection of coffee trees
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Educational programs

The scientific staff of NPP "BIOSFERA" conducts training events for the customer's specialists to transfer knowledge and experience in the use of biological products. Professional application allows you to achieve maximum results.

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Agricultural support

Highly qualified specialists of NPP "BIOSFERA" provide a full range of services to support agricultural producers. Digital and mobile applications will help in independent calculations when there is a shortage of full-time experts.

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Integrated approach / Ready-made solutions

Specialists of NPP "BIOSFERA" make the necessary calculations for your facility, develop a plan with 100% coverage of the need for biological products. The work plan is drawn up taking into account the production technology on any crops with BIOSPHERE tools.

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Information and support

The experts of NPP "BIOSFERA" are always happy to advise your specialists on the use of drugs, to assist in monitoring the state of crops 24/365.

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Limited Liability Company
"Scientific and Production Enterprise
Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan
450075, Ufa, Ulyanov st., 65
+7 (347) 292-72-79
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